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Re: Automagic Listing of targets,prereqs

From: Tristan Van Berkom
Subject: Re: Automagic Listing of targets,prereqs
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 13:27:23 -0400

"Paul D. Smith" wrote:
> <...snip...>
> If you upgrade to GNU make 3.80 you can make use of the new $(eval ...)
> function feature; this will allow you to do what you want without the
> include trick above.
> Note that there are a few known bugs in this feature in 3.80; they will
> be fixed in the next release.

$(eval ...) and $(value ...)

Theese look like a very nice addition to GNU Make.

I found while struggling with `=' and `:=' that you 
can decide when the variables will get expanded but
when they get expanded; they stay expanded. With theese
functions one can substantialy optimize a recursive
make environment by passing unexpanded variables
through MAKEFLAGS (this is where `exported' varibles
reside IIRC) as oposed to re-including path dependant
definition makefiles. I attempted this and failed; thinking
that if I assigned variables with `=' instead of `:='
the variables would get expanded _every_ time they get 
referenced (after preprocess).

Nice work; I will consider Make 3.80-next_build ;-)


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