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RE: Macros and include?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: RE: Macros and include?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:09:10 -0400

%% address@hidden writes:

  tl> Yes I've looked at the eval function and it will probably work,
  tl> thou upgrading to 3.80 is sadly not an option, we are using 3.79.

Then you're out of luck... you'll have to write it all out by hand.
There's no other choice with GNU make 3.79.

  tl> It would be nice if when a file was included using the include
  tl> directive, make would let that file know where it was included
  tl> from, this way I wouldn't have to manually keep track of the
  tl> directory hirechery. Just an idea.

There are lots of things that would be nice :), but in fact this is
doable already, without a huge amount of pain, with the functionality
currently available in the latest version of GNU make, and I don't want
to add tons of "special purpose" features simply as syntactic sugar for
things that are already possible--more things to test, more things to

After all, even if I did agree to add this feature to GNU make going
forward, you still couldn't do it in GNU make 3.79 :).

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