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foreach function

From: Shipman, Alister
Subject: foreach function
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 13:54:09 +1000

Paul (?? And others),
I think this problem may have been mentioned in relation to bug 1517. I am trying to implement the example shown in section 8.8 of the manual. However when I try and use the foreach function I get "missing separator" errors. I can use foreach on its own

e.g  $(foreach library,$(LIBRARYS), $(warning $(library)))

However if I try even a variable assignment in it it has issues
e.g: file_list :=
     $(foreach library,$(LIBRARYS), file_list+=$(library))

The function I have setup to produce my make code, analogous to PROGRAM_template, performs fine when I use plain arguments to it (i.e I just use $(eval $(call PROGRAM_template, someProgramName)), and is fine when I do the same with the function argument as the contents of a variable, but place it within a foreach call and it has issues too (missing separator issues)

I'd really like to use this functionality - could you please either direct me to a workaround (a different way of looping through a set of names), a patch if it exists already, or an indication of when a next release might be....

Any help appreciated,

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