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Re: any tool(or gmake option) to rewrite GNUMakefiles into plain-make Ma

From: Yakov Lerner
Subject: Re: any tool(or gmake option) to rewrite GNUMakefiles into plain-make Makefile ?
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 16:52:59 +0300
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Jens Schweikhardt wrote:

> Yakov Lerner wrote:
> # Is there any option of gmake, or any automatic tool
> # that can do the following:
> # - given the GNUMakefile on input, produce equivalent
> # plain-make makefile ? That is, to rewrite the gnu makefile
> # into plain-vanilla makefile (expanding %-ss, rewriting
> # inlining includes and ifs, inlining all $() functions etc etc)
> #
> # This is similar to '-n' option, but the output would be
> # in the plainMakefile format, (including dependencies).
> #
> # Such a tool would allow us to use Sun's dmake
> # (Sun's distribute make) with out gnu makefiles.
> #
> # Any clue ?

> How often do you think such a tool is needed?
If you know of GNU-compatible distributed make, then I wouldn't need the 
rewrite option.
Please let me know if you know of a GNU-compatible distributed make.
The need for distributed make is not widespread.

> Can equivalent output be produced at all (It can't for all GNU features)?
Yes, given the current state of directories and env.variables.
The output can easily be generated from internal tables of gmake after
parsing the makefile. The output will depend on the current state. That's
what I need. In my case, the output will be generated every run, by the script.

> Who could spend the resources to do it? What's your conclusion?
The easy way to do it is to hack the gmake sources, adding the option
for this. I could do it, given encouragement of one of gmake maintainers.
Are you a gmake maintainer ?

Jacob Lerner

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