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Re: Feature request: output idea

From: Tristan Van Berkom
Subject: Re: Feature request: output idea
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 08:21:10 -0400
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Mike Gibson wrote:

On Wednesday 27 August 2003 05:28 am, Noel Yap wrote:
Full Decent wrote:

Since this isn't a bug, I'm replying to address@hidden

I think it would be amazing if there was an optional output mode for
make that would simply have a console (curses) progress bar with the
name of the target and the status of its "compilation" like:

bzImage         [==================================] 100%
modules         [==================================] 100%
modules_install [=============>                    ]  40%
This would be a neat feature.

Is something like this possible? Do you think it would be very difficult
for me to make a submit a patch for something like this?
Anyone is always welcome to try to create and submit patches.

OTOH, I don't know how you'd go about creating this feature.  For example,
make has little or no communication with the compiler or linker.  Even if
it did, these tools typically don't advertise how much more work they have
-- I'm not even sure if it's possible for them to know how much more work
they have.  And compiles and links are the simple cases.

What about targets whose actions are completely custom?

If you look at his example (from a linux kernel compile), it might give a nice clue to what might work, even if the origninal poster might not have realized it. While it is true that you're not going to be able to retrieve a "% complete" from individual invocations of rules, when a target (like modules) has a *lot* of prerequisites (like in a kernel compile), then it makes sense to give a "% complete" based on the number of prerequisites that have been built.

It would certainly clean up the otherwise useless output (lots of gcc invocations in the case of a kernel compile) of some builds and give something useful.

Some dificulties that I can think of off the top of my head are error reporting. Currently, all output goes to stdout, but if you wanted progress bars, then that output would have to be suppressed. But if an error occured, then the output of errors that the user would normally want to see would be lost to /dev/null.

However, I don't see why it couldn't be implemented without breaking anything.

    I dont see why it couldn't be implemented without modifying `gnu make'

you could try:

define progress.o
       # push percentage here

One could probably even check (withing "progress") what main target we are building
(like bzImage) and associate a predefined percentage with that.
   bzImage_PERCENT = 70   # 70% of the build is `make bzImage'

and you could also hazard a guess of how long a link will take depending on
how many object files you are linking:

       objcnt=$(words $(filter %.o, $<))

Anyhow, theese are just some simple ideas,

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