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How to use wildcard for different 'stem' values

From: hans . peter . van . lohuizen
Subject: How to use wildcard for different 'stem' values
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 08:50:15 +0200


I am still looking for a way to get a wildcard function expanded for differend values of % as described in the email below.
I just wonder if I am trying to do something impossible, or that it is so obvious that it is not worthwhile to be answered?

Is my assumption correct that the wildcard function is only expanded once for the first % value?
If yes, would there be a workaround for my case?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,

Hans Peter.

Hans Peter van Lohuizen

2003-09-04 16:25

        To:        address@hidden
        Subject:        How to use wildcard for different 'stem' values

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I have a generic command line like:

%process/gen.out : $(addprefix %, $(wildcard cmd/*.tcl))

say I have a dir structure like:
  aa/cmd/run.tcl, run1.tcl
  bb/cmd/run.tcl, run1.tcl

Now the make runs like I would expect: touching one run.cmd causes an update in the corresponding dir.

When I have however something like:
  aa/cmd/run.tcl, run1.tcl
  bb/cmd/run.tcl, run1.tcl, run2.tcl

Now somehow run2.tcl is not taken into account when touched I get the message up to date.

So I wonder is the wildcard command only run once?
This would explain the behaviour I see.
The wildcard is performed only once on aa/cmd/*.tcl (the first in line)  so
only run.tcl and run1.tcl are "seen"..

What I would achieve is to have the wildcard command done for each value of %.
So for each value of % the dependency could be different.
Does someone know how I can do that?


Hans Peter.

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