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Gnu make-isms

From: Angus Leeming
Subject: Gnu make-isms
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 12:21:18 +0000
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Hello all,

this might sound like a strange thing to ask on this list, but I'd 
like to remove some gnu make-isms from the Makefiles I'm maintaining. 
Usual reason I guess: not everybody uses gnu make. The changes I'd 
like to make are to the build rules for 'unusual' sources.

For example, this
%.C: %.fd
        $(SHELL) $(SCRIPT) $<

gets written in standard make syntax as

        $(SHELL) $(SCRIPT) $<

and in as
SUFFIX = .C .fd

        $(SHELL) $(SCRIPT) $<

All well and good. However, I am stumped with what to do with this:
%.h: %.ui
        $(UIC) $(UICFLAGS) $< -o $@
%.C: %.h %.ui
        $(UIC) $(UICFLAGS) -impl $^ -o $@

Fixing the top line is easy --- same as above. However, the second 
rule is more complex and I'm stuck. It seems that there are three 
issues here:

1. The .C file depends on the .ui file '%.C: %.ui' -> '.ui.C:'

2. The .C file also depends on the .h file -> '.ui.C: $*.h' ???

3. '$^' in the build rule. The line above expands to:
/usr/local/kde/qt/bin/uic -tr qt_ -impl QMathDialogBase.h 
../../../../../src/frontends/qt2/ui/QMathDialogBase.ui -o 
so, somehow '$^' is expanded to 'QMathDialogBase.h 
Ie, it is probably equivalent to somethng like '$*.h $<' but I haven't 
got this to work yet.

Any pointers?
Many thanks,

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