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Re: problem with updating a static library using make/makefiles

From: Kate Ebneter
Subject: Re: problem with updating a static library using make/makefiles
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 11:45:10 -0800

On Dec 5, 2003, at 12:37 AM, Thomas Lavergne wrote:

<problem with archives snipped>

How is it possible that prerequisites newer than target do not imply the remake of the target??
If it is possible, then please indicate me what are the possible situations so that I can check everything.

I know this one, because I just encountered a similar problem myself. (In someone else's makefiles. :-))

Here's what they've done (simplified a bit for clarity). Suppose we have the following source tree structure:

| | |
a b c

foo contains a file,, the gist of which is


...along with a rule for CONFIGURATION that basically recurses into each subdirectory (a, b, c) and executes make there.

a, b, and c each contain makefiles lib{a,b,c}.mk, each of which looks like

ax.o \
ay.o \
az.o {etc.}

LIBRARY = foo.a

Now, our rule for what to do with a LIBRARY looks like (somewhat abstracted for clarity)


... that is, just stuff the relevant object files into the library. Note that foo.a just depends on the object files. Here's the (slightly subtle) catch: As soon as I update foo.a from one directory, it becomes NEWER than the modified files in the other directories so it is up-to-date with respect to them and they never get (re-)added to the archive! Some builds will work correctly, while others will not.

The solution is for foo.a to depend on liba.a, libb.a, etc.:


LIBRARY = foo.a

liba.a \
libb.a \

... add a rule for making foo.a out of the sub-libraries, e.g.,


lib{a, b, c}.mk:

ax.o \
ay.o \
az.o {etc.}

LIBRARY = liba.a

Now foo.a gets built from liba.a, libb.a, libc.a, etc. (This works because our rule gets translated into something approximately like

foo.a : liba.a libb.a libc.a

in, where it will be invoked *after* lib{a,b,c}.mk.)

This doesn't solve all the problems with archives -- for example, if you delete a source file, the corresponding object file will be in the archive until you completely rebuild it -- but it's a big step forward.

Hope that helps,

Kate Ebneter
Build Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc.

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