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Re: trying to emulate "include"

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: trying to emulate "include"
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 13:17:09 -0500

wim delvaux wrote:
> > include X emits a message even if make is able to build the makefile and
> > succeed.  I want the message emitted with an error if and only if the
> > makefile doesn't exist and make doesn't know how to build it.
>         I do not think you can solve that from within makefiles.  I think
>         you need to patch make ...
>         You cannot modify behavior of make from within make

A feature has been proposed that, if implemented, will expose the number of 
times make has re-exec'ed.  It's similar to MAKE_LEVEL, but will count the 
number of times make started reparsing the makefiles.

If this feature existed, then I think something like the following should be 

ifneq ($(MAKE_EXEC_COUNT),0)
  ifeq ($(wildcard,)
    $(error No such file or directory)


> > Thanks,
> > Noel

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