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Re: [RFC] time for makecc?

From: Russell Shaw
Subject: Re: [RFC] time for makecc?
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 11:28:59 +1100
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Samium Gromoff wrote:
Make does expand implicit rules, patterns, $(eval $(call)) constructs, etc.

In the end the whole thing become somewhat undeterministic as far as human
perception goes.

And make -p (print the rule database) does not help, as its a tangled mess
of funky s**t---many little twisty passages, all different.

So, i propose to create a Makefile compiler, which will create simpler makefiles
with following properties from the base complex version:

        - no implicit rules
        - no patterns
        - no eval/call constructs
        - everything else is left intact
        - all of the expansions in the resulting makefile have to be made 

I do realise that the resulting makefile will be strictly bound to the existing
file set present in the file tree at the time of compilation -- and that is
perfectly ok, for we still have the makefile source and can recompile.

What do you think?

All feedback, either positive or negative is extremely welcome.

I'd much like a make-file debugger tool where you can single-step
through the code and look at any variables. I've thought of making
one for debugging complex bash scripts too. A debugger doesn't
duplicate anything Make already does, and aids in understanding
and maintaining existing Make files.

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