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Re: Enhancement of conditionals?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Enhancement of conditionals?
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 18:46:49 -0500

%% Boris Kolpackov <address@hidden> writes:

  bk> When I contemplated make-like inference system in lisp I didn't say 
  bk> I suggest to throw away rules. We should still have them:

  bk> hello : hello.c
  bk>   gcc -o $@ $<

  bk> (defrule ("hello") ("hello.c")
  bk>   "gcc -o $@ $<")

  bk> Comments?

I guess my main comment is that there are already a number of tools out
there which reimplement make's functionality using different syntax, and
provide (or purport to provide) a much-enhanced and less difficult build

One of the critical criteria for GNU make has always been and always
will be compatibility with the POSIX standard for make--although
obviously we provide many extensions we do so within the basic framework
of standard make.

I have no problem at all with people writing and using other build
tools... but I don't foresee GNU make morphing into something that
radically different.

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