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Re: Expand % in wildcard function

From: d3
Subject: Re: Expand % in wildcard function
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 22:35:08 +0100
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Citeren Mike Gibson <address@hidden>:

> > What should I do to expand the % in the wildcard function?
> Like Paul said, you can't.  But there is a way to do it.  Use $(eval ...)
> from 
> version 3.80 and above.
> > xsl/alldocs_%.xsl: genalldocs.php $(wildcard $(DOCS)/%/*.xml)
> You would replace the above with this:
> # define a template rule
> define alldocs_rule
> xsl/alldocs_$(1).xsl: genalldocs.php $(wildcard $(DOCS)/$(1)/*.xml)
>       blah ablh blah
> endef
> # the space before the endef is sometimes important
> # loop through all possible targets
>       $(foreach file, \
>               $(patsubst $(DOCS)/%,%, $(wildcard $(DOCS)/*)),
>               $(call alldocs_rule,$(file)))
> # insert the result into the makefile
> $(eval $(ALLDOCS_RULES))
> The created rules aren't implicit rules, they're regular rules so they'll 
> behave that way.  This doesn't usually matter, but be aware of it.

Thank you all for your replies. I tried this:

define genalldocs
xsl/alldocs_$(1).xsl: genalldocs.php $(wildcard $(DOCS)/$(1)/*.xml)
        ${PHP} php/genalldocs.php $(CURDIR)/$(DOCS)/$(1)/ >$@


$(call genalldocs,l)
$(call genalldocs,k)
$(call genalldocs,a)

But when at least one docs/a/*.xml is newer than xsl/alldocs_a.xsl I get this 

*** No rule to make target `docs/a/a182.xml
', needed by `xsl/alldocs_a.xsl'.  Stop.

Notice the crlf. a182.xml is the last a/*.xml file. The same error occurs with 
the k- and l-directory. Every time the last *.xml file is mentioned in the 
error message.

Any idea what causes this error and how to prevent it?

I'm using make 3.80 and WindowsXP.

With kindly regards,


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