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Problem: Make generates empty command

From: Kate Ebneter
Subject: Problem: Make generates empty command
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 15:14:06 -0700

Howdy, folks,

I have a very strange problem and am hoping someone might be able to suggest at least a way to attack it.

We build our software with ARM's proprietary compilers and assemblers under Windows. Awhile back it was decided to stop using CodeWarrior and switch to a make-based system using GNU Make under cygwin, and the various projects were converted into makefiles. There's nothing particularly strange about the makefiles that I can see.

Most of the time, everything is fine, but occasionally, on our continuous build system, we start getting errors where it appears that Make has called armcpp (the ARM compiler) or armasm with a blank command line. It happens at random places during the build, does not appear to be related to anything like time since last reboot (I've seen it happen immediately after rebooting the machine), and spontaneously disappears, that is, it may happen for one, two, or a dozen commands in a row, and then stop, with Make happily continuing on.

I know that cygwin's Make is not identical to the official GNU Make, but an examination of the diffs was unenlightening. Does anyone have any idea why Make might output a blank command, even though the same command executes fine on other occasions? I'm about to tear my hair out here...

I can provide some snippets of the makefile in question if you think that will help. The rules seem quite straightforward, however.

Kate Ebneter
Build Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc.

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