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a possible make parsing bug in complicated foreach function define?

From: Sandy Currier
Subject: a possible make parsing bug in complicated foreach function define?
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:24:58 -0400
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Hi all,

This happens on my ~2month old build of the CVS tip for gmake 3.81beta1.

The top level problem is that the following function definition is not
parsed correctly when the variable on the left side of the ':=' (in
the foreach line) contains a '|'.  When the variable name does not
contain a '|', the function appears to eval as desired.

Or at least this is what I think is going on by looking at the output of "make ... -npq". Without the '|', the '$(2)ALL_CFILES_linux' gets set to the correct and expected
value when the function is called.  The dump of the database shows this:

$(2)ALL_CFILES_linux := <blah blah blah>

With the '|' in the left hand side of the ':=', the value of '$(2)|ALL_CFILES_linux' (note that '|' is now in the name), make is intepreting the foreach line as a target
statement, as in:

$(2)|ALL_CFILES_linux: = <blah blah blah>

At least a dump of the database shows that the function block ends up defining a
target rule as opposed to an immediate variable definition.



# $(1) = dira/dirb (parent directory)
# $(2) = dira/dirb/dirc (this directory)
# accumulators
$$(foreach platform,$(PLATFORMS),$(2)|ALL_CFILES_$$(platform) := $$(_LOCAL_CFILES_$$(platform)) $$($(2)|ALL_CFILES_$$(platform)))

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