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RE: Advanced Auto-Dependency Generation

From: Alexander.Farber
Subject: RE: Advanced Auto-Dependency Generation
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:43:41 +0200


> From: Paul Smith [mailto:address@hidden Behalf Of ext Paul D. Smith
>   >> Also what I dislike about the trick listed in "Advanced
>   >> Auto-Dependencies" is that it doesn't work for parallel builds:
>   >> there is no rule for .P files.  A process includes a .P file while
>   >> it is still being generated by another process and the build fails
>   >> (we use pvmgmake here).
> I can't speak to the specifics of pvmgmake, but I don't see any way
> advanced auto-dependencies conflict with parallel builds.  The makefiles
> are all completely parsed BEFORE any rules are invoked, so there's no
> way (unless you're running multiple instances of make in the same
> directory at the same time, which is going to cause problems no matter
> what you do) that the include of the dependency file could 
> conflict with the generation of that file.

do you say so because you tend to non-recursive Makefiles?
(I lurk on this list for some time)

We use recursive Makefiles with good results (build time, scalability) 
here, but we have to use the "basic" auto-dependency for the reason above.

(Note to everyone: please, don't mention the "harmful" paper for the xth time 


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