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Re: help needed on include and -I

From: Martin Mensch
Subject: Re: help needed on include and -I
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 14:43:46 +0200

ok, ok, I was to fast writing this email.
I just read the thread on dependency generation of some days ago and also the advanced dependency generation.
I did it like this now.
Still the point where I see possible trouble is the same that was the start of the mentioned thread. So I tried this line as the first line in targel all:
  for z in *.o; { [ ! -e ${z%.o}.d ] && rm $z }
but it didn't work, error message = missing seperator.
I also tired some things with foreach:
$(foreach objfile, $(OBJ), \
 $(@if test -f $(OBJDIR)/${objfile:%.o=.d} \
   then echo nix; \
   else rm $(objfile); echo $(objfile) removed ) )
but I couldn't get this running. My knowledge of make is not so good for these special things.
 It would be great if someone could help me with it.
Thank you very much.

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