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make environment

From: Adam Heinz
Subject: make environment
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 14:32:20 -0700

[ Windows XP SP 2, Visual Studio 2003, Cygwin 1.5.12, Make 3.80 ]

I'm using a test makefile with a single goal:

        @echo COMSPEC = $(COMSPEC)
        @echo MAKESHELL = $(MAKESHELL)
        @echo SHELL = $(SHELL)

When I have Visual Studio drive the makefile with

        make -k -C $(InputDir)\.. all

I get

        COMSPEC = /bin/bash
        MAKESHELL = /bin/bash
        SHELL = /bin/sh.exe

But when I tell Visual Studio to:

        echo COMSPEC = $(COMSPEC)
        echo MAKESHELL = $(MAKESHELL)
        echo SHELL = $(SHELL)

I get

        COMSPEC = /bin/bash
        MAKESHELL = /bin/bash
        SHELL = /bin/bash

which is the desired behavior -- mirroring the environment that I launched
Visual Studio in.

Why is make substituting in a default $SHELL?


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