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Re: -f <filename> incorrectly implying a make *of* "filename"?

From: Pete Johnson
Subject: Re: -f <filename> incorrectly implying a make *of* "filename"?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 13:12:12 -0700
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Stan Sieler wrote:

My apologies if this is a case of "user misunderstanding"...
I scanned the bug list for gmake, and various documentation,
but didn't see this mentioned.

(Using GNU Make 3.80)

It seems that gmake incorrectly handles "-f <filename>" by first acting as if I had typed "gmake <filename>".

E.g, assume I have a makefile (an ASCII file of make rules), called "foo" (without quotes). Normally, I'd say:
   gmake -f foo

That works fine ... unless I happen to also have
a file called "foo.c" (or "", etc.).

Make is just building the Makefile. See the section titled "How Makefiles Are Remade" in the documentation. The behavior is intended to automatically update dependencies (I use it all the time).


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