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Creating an advanced build system

From: Brendan Heading
Subject: Creating an advanced build system
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 20:13:25 +0100
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I've got a source tree out of which I need to build several link libraries, and several executables. To make things tricky, some (but not all) of the link libraries are common among several (but not all) of the executables. The source code for each library and executable resides in a series of different directories. Of course, I'd like to use the excellent GNU Make to do this, and I'd like to avoid where possible building anything that is unnecessary.

I do know how to write Makefiles well, but my best efforts have involved doing a lot of recursive makes which the conventional wisdom these days seems to say is a bad thing. Therefore I'd like to try to build some or all of the targets by invoking make just once on one top-level file.

Are there any "best way to write a makefile for a large project" type documents available ?


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