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Library building 102

From: Brendan Heading
Subject: Library building 102
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 00:15:37 +0100
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OK, I've worked out the basic idea of what I want my makefile to look like. A few further optimizations are in order.

What I'd like to do is put resulting objects in a different directory from where the source file resides, it keeps things nice and tidy. The trouble that I'm having is figuring out how to do this in a nice simple way.

If written statically, the rule to do this might be :

objectdir/foo.o: foo/src/foo.c

or using variables :

$(OBJDIR)/%.o: $(FOO_SRCS)/%.c

but this obviously breaks down as I would need a rule for each source directory I have. Is there a generic way I can do this for all .o and .c files ?

ie something like :

$(OBJDIR)/%.o : %.c

except with something added so that Make knows how to find the *.c file ?

I'm guessing this might be a job for VPATH.


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