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profile the vpath

From: gan_xiao_jun
Subject: profile the vpath
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 16:57:23 -0700 (PDT)


I am not sure if there is a good way to 
profile the vpath in complex project's makefiles.
It may be confusing sometimes.

I use following way
(I try it in a project not using VPATH):

1 ) use make -p to get information contains vpath
$)make -p myproject 2>&1 | tee result

2 ) picker out the lines contain following:
a)Leaving directory
b)Entering directory
and put them in result2
$)cat result | grep \
-e "Leaving directory" \
-e "Entering directory" \
-e "vpath" \
| tee result1

3 )make the result readable
3.1 )vi result1
3.2 )use { and } to put vpath in it
3.3 )make { and } readable in vi
press gg=G in vi

4 )The result like this:
{ directory project0
vpath ...
vpath ...
     { directory subproject1
        vpath ...
        vpath ...
        vpath ...
     } directory subproject1
     {  directory subproject2
        vpath ...
        vpath ...
        vpath ...
     } directory subproject2
} directory project0

I am not sure if there are errors of this way
For I suppose:
1 ) vpath would be pass to new make invoked by make -C
2 ) vpath in subprojectX would be invalid when leave
3 ) vpath in a { } would be read wholely before
process any target
even some vpath lines may be at the script's end,
or been included in the scrpit.
4 ) using vpath only and no need VPATH

I sent it to this list and hope for 
find my concept error or better suggestion

Thanks for any comment and 
Best Regards.


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