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Unexpected dead of the executable in UNIX

From: johnyang
Subject: Unexpected dead of the executable in UNIX
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 17:57:49 +0800

Dear All,

Does anybody know what may cause the following problem?


The application become no response. The frequency of the occurrence is about one out of five. The dead point is various every time. I can only know the problem seems more easily come up when the application is busying handle a lot of multi-thread tasks, timer services and interrupt services. When I use ctrl-c to terminate the dead application, no core-dump or error message come up. So, it is hard to use GDB or some other debug tools to trace the problem.

About the application:

The application was built out as below:

/cc/bts/pde/gnutools/gnu295/sun56/bin/g++    -o /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/bin/xcem192off/xcem192ap140ych.offtarget   /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/base/lib/xcem192off/libbase.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/mw/lib/xcem192off/libmw.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/callp/lib/xcem192off/libcallp.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/oam/lib/xcem192off/liboam.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/base/lib/xcem192off/libbase.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/mw/lib/xcem192off/libmw.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/callp/lib/xcem192off/libcallp.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/oam/lib/xcem192off/liboam.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/base/lib/xcem192off/libbase.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/mw/lib/xcem192off/libmw.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/callp/lib/xcem192off/libcallp.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/oam/lib/xcem192off/liboam.lnk   /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/base/lib/xcem192off/libbase.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/mw/lib/xcem192off/libmw.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/callp/lib/xcem192off/libcallp.lnk  /cc/bts/map/card/xcem192/domain/oam/lib/xcem192off/liboam.lnk       -lsocket -lnsl -lposix4 -lpthread -lm -lstdc++;

This application uses a lot of sun4-solaris pthread library functions and socket functions to simulator a multi-threads environment. I suspect maybe it is caused by a bug of solaris library. So, has anybody ever met such problem before? Your suggestions and directions are welcome!

Looking forward to your response!

Best Regards,

John Yang

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