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Hard time figuring out what order-only prerequisites really do.

From: Angel Tsankov
Subject: Hard time figuring out what order-only prerequisites really do.
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 12:29:13 +0300

I'm having a really hard time what order-only prerequsites really do.

First, I thought that they will do just fine if I want to have my object 
files go in a separate folder. This makes it necessary to ensure this folder 
(let's name it IntemediateFolder) exists before compilation of each source 
file. Of course, this check should not render the target (object file) 
out-of-date. As far as I get it all this make the folder-existence check 
(and creation if necessary) appropriate for an order-only prerequiste. 
However, I must be awfully wrong, 'cause I could not come up with a makefile 
that does exactly this. And I've been trying it since for a whole day...

So, I've attached the troublesome makefile. I execute it with make 3.80 on a 
linux system. Could you explain to me why the script compiles the soruce 
files even when the objects do exist and are newer than the corresponding 
source files?

Best wishes,
An unsuccessful rocket sceintist 

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