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Re: Shell invocation flags

From: Dan Oelke
Subject: Re: Shell invocation flags
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 08:19:02 -0500
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I have make 3.80 from a recent cygwin update. I am attempting to create a Visual Studio project that will invoke this make and from there on I can update a (reasonable) makefile instead of a Visual Studio project. My problem is that when I invoke make from a bash shell everything is ok. When it's invoked from inside the bowels of Visual Studio I get an error:
   ./Components/CygwinTools/Utils/bash: /c: No such file or directory

My makefile has SHELL defined as:
   SHELL := ../Components/CygwinTools/Utils/bash

To follow up and answer my own question (and preserve this for future Google searches). I found 2 different solutions. The first was to use sh instead of bash as the shell. I would have initially and never had this problem, but something with my latest cygwin install removed sh.exe. Re-installing ash from the cygwin tool fixed that and then I copied over sh.exe and started using it.

The second solution was suggested by Dave Hylands (Thanks Dave!!) - that is to set the environment variable MAKE_MODE=unix as documented in the fine cygwin documentation.

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