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Re: How to specify the location for .o files in makedepend?

From: John Graham-Cumming
Subject: Re: How to specify the location for .o files in makedepend?
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 17:56:05 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:
I have a problem using makedepend. By default, makedepend generate the
dependancy that the .o files are in the same directory as the src file.
But in my case, I have all the .o file in a different directory. Say, my
src files are in ./src, while obj files are in ./obj. How do I specify the
path for the obj files in makedepend? I tried -p option, but it prepends
the prefix instead of replacing the whole path.

I suspect that you are doing something like:

    makedepend ./src/foo.c

which is generating a line of the form:

    ./src/foo.o: ./src/foo.c

When you want:

    ./obj/foo.o: ./src/foo.c

and you've discovered that doing

    make depend ./src/foo.c -p ./obj/

gives you:

    ./obj/./src/foo.o: ./src/foo.c

The simplest solution is to do this instead:

    cd ./src ; makedepend foo.c

You'll want to add a -f option to specify the Makefile that you are updating with dependencies so that this works.

John Graham-Cumming


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