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Parsing makefiles.

From: Fredrik Carlsson
Subject: Parsing makefiles.
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 16:03:55 +0000
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I'm kind of new to make and i have a question.

This is what i would like to do:

I have alot of makefiles (part of a packagesystem) that i need to parse and extract relevant information. The variables in these makefiles is not just plain text but they also contain variables ex "EXAMPLE= ${EXP:S/-/-server-/}" so i need to use make to process the Makefile whitout building the application(the variables need to be in "text" form EXAMPLE = rr-123 and not EXAMPLE = ${EXP....} and then parse the makefile whit my program.

So i need some advice on how to process the makefile and parse it with my program.

An ide i had was to create my own makefile and include the one i would like to parse:

.include "Makefile"

*pass the relevant variables to my program* <-- how can i do this?


But if i do this make starts to build the application that "Makefile" is for.

Does this make sense? :)

All help i appreciated.

// Fredrik Carlsson

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