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RE: VPATH question - Gnu make vs. Lucent nmake

From: Meinecke, Jon
Subject: RE: VPATH question - Gnu make vs. Lucent nmake
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:00:25 -0500

>From Me:
>> in gmake, just no direct way to force a 
>> local source file to be used when there's
>> an upstream intermediate target that is newer.

From: Paul Smith
> Yes, there's no generic way to do this that
> I can think of.  GNU make always computes 
> out-of-dateness strictly by timestamps.  It
> won't rebuild a target if the prerequisites
> are older, _regardless_ of whether they exist
> locally or are found via vpath.

I'm experimenting with a special target that touches
a state file to force an upstream object to be treated
as out of date if its source file is local.  This may
require a gmake "two-step": gmake checklocal ; gmake 
(or internally reinvoke).

I have a prototype that isn't generic, but seems to
do the job and I am attempting to generalize it.


Jon Meinecke

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