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problems depending on -l

From: Karen Paffendorf
Subject: problems depending on -l
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 18:29:59 -0800
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I seem to be having two different problems with putting -l... as a dependency and linking $^ with gcc.

In the first, I am building my own library in a subdirectory
(using a "vpath libmy% my_directory" and "executable: -lmy"
and having runtime problems because the library exists in a different place.

ldd yields
 my_directory/ => not found

if I gcc with the -lmy instead of the generated my_directory/ the problem goes away.

ldd yields => ???/
and the executable runs.

Am I missing something in the compiler or ldd conf?

in the second on RH4 x86_64, -lm failed by explicately pulling in
/usr/lib/, which was the wrong format.
If the command included -lm, ldd showed it pointing to /lib64/
It worked fine in my other build environments.

I have workarounds for all of these by not using a -l dependency.
Am I using these incorrectly or is there a problem?


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