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Multiple invocations of GnuMake

From: Tobias Contreras
Subject: Multiple invocations of GnuMake
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 10:22:47 -0400



From: Tobias Contreras
Sent: June 29, 2006 10:22 AM
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: Multiple invocations of GnuMake


I need to generate both product.mak and later, a dependency file.  The dependency file requires GnuMake to have included the defines from product.mak (these affect dependencies).  GnuMake’s behaviour for handling self-generated include files is to realize the file is required, execute the rule to create it, and then restart the script from scratch.  If I use one pass, product.mak is generated and then the dependency file is generated, satisfying their interdependence.  Only then does GnuMake restart from scratch, at which point it has created both files.  The problem is that the dependencies were created before product.mak was included.  Hence, the platform-specific defines weren’t in place.  To get the job done in a single GnuMake call, we’d need a way to instruct GnuMake to restart after creating any one given include file. 


So how can I make something like this work in one pass instead of two? Using 3.79.1



           echo Generating $@

           echo DEFINES_1_INCLUDED = TRUE > defines1.mak


include defines1.mak


defines2.mak: defines1.mak

           echo Generating $@


           echo DEFINES_2_INCLUDED = TRUE > defines2.mak


           echo DEFINES_2_BAD = TRUE > defines2.mak



include defines2.mak


default: defines2.mak defines1.mak


           echo Test passed!!!


           echo Test failed. Boo.



(Multiple calls to make seems to be the popular solution) 


Thanks once again for your help

I know you must be busy with so many questions, I resent jic


Tobias Contreras

Coop Tool Developer

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