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RE: wait: No children. Stop.- Waiting for unfinished jobs - wait: No chi

From: Tobias Contreras
Subject: RE: wait: No children. Stop.- Waiting for unfinished jobs - wait: No children. Stop
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 17:03:41 -0400

Yes, sorry, I do use Cygwin,
On windows xp the parallel does work and shaves 45 min off a 2:20 hr
Though with files that get generated (linked or assembled) there is a
chance that the operation can be interrupted by another command in the
commands portion and only half the file gets generated, or if the files
are generated to close to the end of the build that's when I do believe
the waits occur. 
wait: No children. Stop.
Waiting for unfinished jobs 
wait: No children. Stop
by moving them further away from the end of the build I think I may have
solved it, perhaps the newer versions track this better.
Thanks again for the suggestions :)

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To: Brendan Heading; Tobias Contreras
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Subject: Re: wait: No children. Stop.- Waiting for unfinished jobs -
wait: No children. Stop

%% Brendan Heading <address@hidden> writes:

  bh> Paul D. Smith wrote:
  >> I don't even know if parallelism (-j) is supported on Windows.  I'm
  >> almost 100% certain it wasn't supported in 3.79, even if it is in
  >> versions.

  bh> FYI, parallelism certainly works well on Cygwin, and I've used it
  bh> that environment. I'd suggest the poster consider that option.

That's a good idea if it's worked for you.

However, note that we don't support the Cygwin version of GNU make here,
as it's been modified by the Cygwin folks.  You should ask for help on
the Cygwin lists if you have issues with that version of GNU make.


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