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RE: How do i write this using old gmake?

From: Rajanikanth T - TLS, Bangalore
Subject: RE: How do i write this using old gmake?
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 20:17:43 +0530

Some how I got the answer trying my self..

The following tricky logic I have used instead of the line in red color below.


$(word 2, $(strip $(findstring .$(ext),$(wildcard $(path)/*.$(ext))) $(path)))




From: Rajanikanth T - TLS, Bangalore
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 2:13 PM
To: address@hidden
Cc: 'Paul D. Smith'
Subject: How do i write this using old gmake?


Hi all,

I am using old gmake which doesn’t support the new function $(if

Can some one tell me how can write the below piece of code without using $(if function.


>>>>>>>>>> Code Start >>>>>>>

# here I get local paths based on .c or .cxx files available

INC_DIR_LEVELS = inc */inc */*/inc */*/*/inc */*/*/*/inc

SRC_DIR_LEVELS = src */src */*/src */*/*/src */*/*/*/src

SRC_EXT = c cxx

INC_EXT = h hpp

CODEMGR_WSDATA = Codemgr_wsdata


ALL_LOCAL_SRC_PATHS = $(foreach DIR, $(SRC_DIR_LEVELS), $(wildcard $(LOCAL_BASE_DIR)/$(DIR)))


NO_CODEMGRS_SRC = $(foreach path, $(ALL_LOCAL_SRC_PATHS), \

                   $(if $(findstring $(CODEMGR_WSDATA),$(path)),,$(path)))


LOCAL_SRC_PATH += $(foreach path,$(NO_CODEMGRS_SRC), \

                   $(foreach ext,$(SRC_EXT), \

                    $(if $(findstring .$(ext),$(wildcard $(path)/*.$(ext))),$(path))))


<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Code End  <<<<<<<


Appreciate your help….


Thanks in advance,



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