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Re: Problem with parallel make

From: gmake
Subject: Re: Problem with parallel make
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 04:06:33 -0500 (CDT)

The problem appears to be caused by the complicated command I have, which
concatenates the output of the recursive make into a logfile while also
printing it on the terminal.

Why do you need to redirect the sub-makes, instead of redirecting the top-level make ? That way all the output of the sub-makes will go into one file.

The output filename is not the same for all of the sub-makes. It is a

Also, to save typing, the redirection must be performed automatically by
the make, not on the command-line which calls make.

It must be automated to generate specific output files for specific
targets, to emulate the behavior of some already-existing non-make

Over 6,000 files are compiled over 4 different ways, with at least 8
different output files. Hence the need for parallel make.

The example was simplified to be the smallest case which reproduces the
problem (a software engineering disease :).

As I said, the problem was caused by using filehandle 3. Changing it to
filehandle 5 fixes the problem.


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