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Re: setting variable value

From: psmith
Subject: Re: setting variable value
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 07:18:17 -0500

On Wednesday, 1 November, Aditya Kher (address@hidden) wrote:

> Is it possible to set value for more than one variable for a given target
> ? e.g.
>  target_1 : FOO := foo  BOO:= boo
>  target_2 : FOO := foo_1  BOO:= boo_1
> so that this allows me to set variable values for FOO *and* BOO for
> target target_1, target_2 etc.. separately?

No.  You have to use different lines.

The above cannot work: make always assumes that whatever text appears after
the = (or ":=" or whatever) is intended to be the value of the variable.

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