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Re: Re: GNU Make Question

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: Re: GNU Make Question
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 21:50:40 -0500

On Saturday, 4 November, Ken Smith (address@hidden) wrote:

> > >> Can I use ifeq/ifneq in define block?

You've always been able to use them in a define, but they have always (and
still are) only evaluated when the defined variable is expanded, not when it
is created.

So, they can only be used in defined variables that are expanded in a context
where ifeq/ifneq can be used.

So, Ken's example where the defined variable is used in an $(eval ...) will
work, because that's a legal context for an ifeq/ifneq.

On the other hand, using ifeq/ifneq inside a variable that is used in a
command script context (for example) would NOT work, because make does not
expect to see them when it is parsing command scripts.

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