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HELP! $(wildcard ) function failed very strangely

From: Chen Jun (陈军)
Subject: HELP! $(wildcard ) function failed very strangely
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 16:54:28 +0800


Hi, everyone,

    I encountered a strange situation recently, $(wildard ) function seems failing to work. See my code below:

all: first_target
outfile = out.txt
    @echo nnn > $@
.PHONY: prj_count
    @echo "[[$(outfile)]] <<$(wildcard $(outfile))>> "

.PHONY: first_target
first_target: $(outfile) prj_count
    @echo "[DONE]"
First, delete out.txt and run make on that makefile, the output is
[[out.txt]] <<>>
then, run make again, the output is
[[out.txt]] <<out.txt>>
Result of the first run is strange. When target prj_count is being made, out.txt should have been generated on my disk(because $(outfile) had been made before), then WHY $(wildcard out.txt) gives me null result ?
I've tested it on make 3.80 & 3.81 on Linux, both produce the same result.
Thanks in advance.
                 Chen Jun (陈军)

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