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RE: IS @IF EXIST wont work in MAKE

From: Dave Korn
Subject: RE: IS @IF EXIST wont work in MAKE
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 17:02:49 -0000

On 17 January 2008 16:53, Naik, Gouri wrote:

> hello,
> thanks. Its working.
> Thanks a lot for the help.
> I am biginer to the GNU MAKE.
> Can you suggest me some good book to learn MAKE programming.
> Gouri

  Yes, as it happens there is an O'Reilly book "Managing projects with GNU
Make" available for free download (GFDL).  See:


(the site has a version of the book in a single pdf, where
the O'Reilly site presents each chapter as a separate pdf, which you might
find less convenient).

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