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Bug or correct behavior?

From: Derek Clegg
Subject: Bug or correct behavior?
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 11:32:46 -0800

Given this simple makefile

start: dir/a.c
dir/%.c: %.c | dir ; cp $< $@
dir/%.c: foo.h
dir: ; mkdir $@
a.c foo.h: ; touch $@

I'm seeing the following when I run make:

touch a.c
mkdir dir
cp a.c dir/a.c

This is surprising; my expectation is that the dependency "dir/%c.: foo.h" would force "foo.h" to be created as well. Is this a bug or correct behavior? My reading of the manual has led me to believe it's a bug, but since it's not explicitly addressed in the manual, I'm not completely sure.

Thanks very much for any responses.


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