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Re: Finding Circular Dependencies

From: Eric Melski
Subject: Re: Finding Circular Dependencies
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 16:07:32 -0800
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Alexander Kriegisch wrote:

Both, optionally, if you ask me. The full set of graphs as an XML
structure would be nice as a minimum, so I could filter out what I do
not need. A second option to limit the output to just the target(s)
specified/checked during an invocation would come in handy, too.

Shameless plug:

Electric Accelerator from Electric Cloud can produce an
XML-annotated version of a build output log that contains
the complete dependency graph (including not only
dependencies within a single make, but also across submakes),
as well as integrating recursive makes, so that you can
see the relationship between parent and child makes.

You can manipulate the XML directly yourself, or you can
use our ElectricInsight visualization and analysis tool
to dig into it in a variety of ways.

More information is available at


Eric Melski
Senior Software Engineer
Electric Cloud, Inc.

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