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A way to emulate "Directory Search for Link Libraries"

From: patrice.elasri
Subject: A way to emulate "Directory Search for Link Libraries"
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:49:03 +0100



In order not to recompile the target when one dynamic library has changed, I decided to separate dynamic from static libraries in the rule’s prerequisites, as following :


exe_target_file: object static_libraries | dynamic_libraries


However, the library list is stored in a unique variable $(LDLIBS), under the following form “-lname”.

So my problem is to filter the static libraries from the result of the "Directory Search for Link Libraries", applied to this variable content.

To do that, I need to emulate/perform this operation before applying the filter function :


exe_target_file: object $(filter %.a, $(dir_search $(LDLIBS))) | $(filter-out %.a, $(dir_search $(LDLIBS)))

Does someone have any idea to resolve this problem ?

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