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Re: Help me simplify this makefile

From: Bob Stark
Subject: Re: Help me simplify this makefile
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:56:18 -0400

You guessed well, Paul - I was running it from the PDF directory (following
your rules!)

Printdoc uses the input filename, and only changes the extension.

The makefile that you sent works rather well. Thank you, thank you! As it
turns out there are a few rogue word documents in the courses directory with
funny filenames which I needed to filter out. A minor change fixed this.

Bob Stark

>Without knowing that we can't give you a complete answer.  However,
>using wildcard is simple enough: $(wildcard ../courses/*.doc).  Given
>your "printdoc" command doesn't seem to specify an output file I'll
>assume that you're running make from the pdf directory.
>In that case, write your makefile something like this:
>  DOCFILES := $(notdir $(wildcard ../courses/*.doc))
>  all: $(DOCFILES:%.doc=%.pdf)
>  %.pdf : ../courses/%.doc
>            printdoc -PRINTER="Adobe PDF" -EXITWORD=YES -OUTDIR=. -FILES=$<


Bob Stark 

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