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Need help coping files to a directory

From: Adam Bennett
Subject: Need help coping files to a directory
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 16:22:00 -0700
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Hello all.

I'm new to make and need some help.  My make file creates a few files, 
(shared libraries and executables), and I want to write a target that 
copies said files into a separate directory.  A pretty simple need.  I 
gather that I could manually declare rules like:

somedir/foobar: foobar
    cp foobar somedir

somedir/dog: dog
    cp dog somedir

copythefiles: somedir/foobar somedir/dog

But I don't like repeating myself.  What I'd really like is to have a 
rule pattern like:

somedir/%: $*
    cp $* somedir

copythefiles: somedir/foobar somedir/dog

This doesn't seem to work.  If I invoke "make copythefiles" I also 
expect it to take appropriate actions to build foobar and dog but this 
does not seem to be happening.

Am I going about this wrongly?  Help is much appreciated.
- Adam

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