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Re: spaces...

From: omer
Subject: Re: spaces...
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:46:53 +0200
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> I would like to test if a library file exist. To make this, I have used the
> function "wildcard" who return me nothing if the file doesn't exist. My
> problem is when the full path of the file contain a space. In this case,
> the function wildcard test separately the different parts around the space
> and so see nothing... To manipulate a list of files with spaces I have
> replace the spaces by a pattern and the others spaces are only to separate
> the elements of the list. So my question is : Can I use a specific pattern
> to replace the space who will be recognize by the function wildcard as a
> space in my file name (and not as a space-separation of the list) ? (like
> "\ " or "%SPACE%", etc.) Or what other solution is possible to test if a
> file (with spaces in his name) exist ? I use my makefile on Linux, Mac and
> Windows (and a stup** man has called the main directory "Program Files").
> Best regards,
> Fabien

afaik make doesn't like spaces in filenames and their use is strongly 
discouraged. I think there are some tricks to handle them but it'll soon 
become a nightmare to maintain (I've read something about that, probably in 
the info page, but can't find it now). So if possible I'd rather suggest to 
modify your project and just avoid them.

C├ędric Lucantis

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