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RE: GNU Make feature request, pattern matching

From: Dave Korn
Subject: RE: GNU Make feature request, pattern matching
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 15:28:43 +0100

Noah Slater wrote on 30 September 2008 20:58:

> This results in rules such as:
>   %.xml: %.xml

  Using a different extension for the processed and unprocessed files would
resolve this.  Compare, e.g. the way gcc uses ".c" to mean a C source file and
".i" to mean the same file after pre-processing.

> I am generating the targets dynamically (by scanning the source directory
> using Python and using GNU Make's standard makefile generation hooks) 

  Googlewhacked!  You are the only person on the entire internet in the whole
of history to have used the phrase "makefile generation hooks"!   Could you
clarify what you're referring to, using the same terminology that the manual
uses to describe whatever-it-is you're talking about?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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