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Re: how to get make to terminate itself at the first error?

From: Martin d Anjou
Subject: Re: how to get make to terminate itself at the first error?
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 08:29:44 -0500 (EST)
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// job.c inside reap_children() near line 500:
if (err && block)
     static int printed = 0;
     fflush (stdout);
     if (!printed)
       error (NILF, _("*** Waiting for unfinished jobs...."));
     printed = 1;

However, looking more closely at fatal_error_signal() it appears that if
you send it SIGTERM it WILL try to kill every existing child process by

SIGTERM works better, although looking at the code in command.c I am not sure why.

Now, I am getting different result depending on what the commands for the target are.

When the target is like this, ps -ef reveals that "sleep 60" keeps running, eventhough the prompt returns right away:

# CASE 1
all: t1 t2
        sleep 60 && echo
        exit 1

But when the target is like this, "sleep 60" dies for good:

# CASE 2
all: t1 t2
        sleep 60
        exit 1

Now if I use process substitution with the CASE 1 makefile
  t=$(make -j 2)
the assignment does not return until the sleep 60 is over, but if I ^C out of it, "sleep 60" dies immediately.

So sending SIGTERM is not quite like hitting ^C. I'd really like to understand the difference and get it to work like ^C.


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