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returning program results

From: Ray dunn
Subject: returning program results
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 10:27:15 -0700
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I am configuring an automated unit testing system running on WinXP.  I use GNU Make for building and running my unit tests.  Each of the (C++) test programs will return a pass/fail value from main(), which normally can be picked up by operating system as the program return value.

How can I gain access to this value if I run the test program from a makefile? 

For example: from a test batch file
    make clean
    make all
    make run

"make run" will execute the newly built unittest program.  How can I return the test result from make back to the overall test batch file?  I have a series of test directories, each with a unittest program that needs to be executed.  If all the unittest programs pass, then I know it is safe to build the application.

Perhaps there is a cleaner way to do this.  This was my initial concept.

- Ray
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