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RE: Convert nmake Makefile to GNU Makefile

From: Achugatla, Vijay K. (LNG-CON)
Subject: RE: Convert nmake Makefile to GNU Makefile
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 14:22:01 -0500



The info at is really useful.

I am able to build the files by giving the file names in the Makefile


SRC_FILES = abc.C xyz.C

OBJ_FILES = $(patsubst %.C, %.o, ${SRC_FILES})


But I have a 100s of files in a directory. I can not give the names of all the files inside the Makefile.

Is there any option or directive available in GNU make that searches a directory and gets the names of all the files available in that and then store that in a variable?

Also any idea how to set a destination directory? I mean I want to store all the object files in a directory and the executable in another directory. How to achieve that?


Any sample code or pseudo code that handles this would be of great help





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Vijay, I just found this link again.  It points to Paul Smith's

personal home page for make and this link is, I believe, the latest

word on automatic dependency generation:



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