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Re: what's the meaning of $& in clearmake

From: Brian R Cowan
Subject: Re: what's the meaning of $& in clearmake
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 10:37:13 -0400

Why are you asking this question in the GNU make list? Rather the wrong 
place for this question.

I've checked the ClearCase man pages for makefile_gnu and makefile_ccase 
and come up blank. I've also checked the gnu make docs, and nothing 
references this construct anywhere. Judging by it's position, it either 
becomes a second colon under certain conditions or it's supposed to map to 
another filename. 

So, does the makefile have multiple lines that start (exactly) 
What do you see for the targets in question if you run clearmake -d or 
clearmake -dp and watch the output?

Since you're asking this question, it is a given that this is an 
"inherited" makefile. So, it may have bene around for a while... So, this 
could be a leftover artifact from a much older make, and since it appears 
in my quick check to become an empty string, it was probably left in 
because it *appeared* harmless. You should be able to verify this by 
either looking at the make output (to determine what it is) or removing 
all the "$&"'s from the makefile and seeing what breaks. (for this latter 
option, I would recommend using a fresh view to make sure you build using 
a clean slate.
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xiangfeng shen <address@hidden>
address@hidden, address@hidden
05/05/2009 11:27 PM
what's the meaning of $& in clearmake
Sent by:

I encounter the $& in my clearmake, such as:
    $(RM) $@
Who knows the meaning of $& in clearmake?
carl shen_______________________________________________
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