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RE: Build Rule Race Condition

From: Schuster, Peter
Subject: RE: Build Rule Race Condition
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 09:28:59 -0700

Thanks Eric, great article!

My situation is actually even more complicated because I forgot to
mention that the system already defines a general for all .a, .b, and .c

        %.a %.b %.c: %.source
                process $<

The problem is that there are a couple "special" .source files that need
to have an extra intermediate step that produces a .temporary file,
leading to the rule in my original email:

        myfile1.a myfile1.b myfile1.c: myfile1.temporary
                process myfile1.temporary
        myfile2.a myfile2.b myfile2.c: myfile2.temporary
                process myfile2.temporary

and so on for 14 special case files.

However because they've set it up so that all these special case files
have a naming convention of <name>_snp.source, it looks like I can still
define a new pattern rule of

        %_snp.a %_snp.b %_snp.c: %_snp.temporary
                process $<

This works, but only if I define the special case rule before the
generic rule, so this seems like hackery to me.  Is this "safe" in the
long run, or do I need to look for a better solution?


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Subject: Re: Build Rule Race Condition

I recently wrote an article for CM Crossroads about precisely this

Hope that helps,

Eric Melski
Electric Cloud, Inc.

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