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Problem making GNU Make 3.81

From: Tovrea, George W \(US SSA\)
Subject: Problem making GNU Make 3.81
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 12:33:44 -0700

The following appears in a Makefile:

OBJS    = alldevices.o
# input/output devices
OBJS-$(CONFIG_ALSA_MUXER)   += alsa-audio-common.o alsa-audio-enc.o

The .c file being compiled contains

#define REGISTER_MUXER(X,x) { \
    extern AVOutputFormat x##_muxer; \
    if(CONFIG_##X##_MUXER)   av_register_output_format(&x##_muxer); }

This results in an "undeclared" error for CONFIG_ALSA_MUXER.

I am unfamiliar with the OBJS- line from the make file. What is this
suppose to do? It appears to do nothing in regards to the compile.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Tovrea

BAE Systems

16550 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127

Telephone: (858) 592-5292

Pager: (888) 971-4964

E-mail: address@hidden

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