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Re: [OT] help-make doesn't receive my email.

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: [OT] help-make doesn't receive my email.
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 21:34:35 -0600
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Quoting CHEN Cheng <address@hidden>:

I sent several emails to <address@hidden> from Aug 19, but
none of them listed in the mail archive:

So it seems the mailing list didn't receive my emails, but I do
receive all the traffic from help-make (except mine, of course).
I tested my email sending, by sending emails to test accounts, it
works well. And I do send emails to people everyday, if gmail
malfunctioned, then I should have noticed it.

So, am I moderated/blocked by the admin? Would you please help me
figure it out?

The email you included was sent out to help-make; I got it.

I checked the admin pages and your account is active and there are
no extra filters that apply to you that I can see.  Assuming you were
previously subscribed at this email address (all email to the lists that
is not from a subscriber is held for moderation) I can't come up
with any problem on our side that would cause your email to be lost.

If you want to CC me directly on your email for a while to be sure
things are getting through that's OK with me.

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